Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hopsin - "Raw" promo

Ruthless Records recording artist, Hopsin, is finally fed up with the bullshit and has decided to release an album titled “RAW”. An
amazing, creative, heart-felt, passionate, enraged album that only could have come out this crazy if the abuse was real.

Tomica Wright, the current owner of Ruthless, signed Hopsin over 3 years ago and the experience has been painful to watch. Here is just a sample of the madness:
  • Hopsin’s 2nd project has been shelved
  • Ruthless does not promote any of Hopsin’s work
  • Hopsin creates all of his music, videos, and graphic design, and doesn’t get compensated in any way
  • Hopsin has developed health issues from not having the money to eat a proper diet
  • It has been communicated to Hopsin that he is just a “tax write-off”

We understand that this happens to many artists, but Hopsin is fed up. He is the most talented artist that I have ever met, and now he has channeled all his rage and frustration into “RAW”. The first “RAW” promo was released today. Click here:

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